Special Groups meet every other month and are separate from the regular Member Meetings. At each Special Groups meeting, we will dive into specific topics, plan community events, or conduct training to maintain the Chapter. Every active member is invited to attend the Special Groups meetings and even lead these meetings as appropriate. Below is the agenda for this month's meeting:

We had a great meeting tonight with a special guest appearance from Patrick Craven of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Patrick laid out many ways individual members, our Chapter, and even our companies might help our communities. Every time we help our communities we also gain valuable CPE credits towards our yearly education goals.

The March meeting is upon us, and we are excited to invite you to a discussion with Patrick Craven, Director at the Center for Cyber Safety and Education.

Partnering with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, our chapter aims to promote security awareness for children, parents, and seniors. Learn how you can discuss and inform our community on cyberbullying, protection strategies when using social media, methods to avoid scams, a proper approach to selecting passwords, and safe shopping online.

The (ISC)² Community welcomes (ISC)² members, non-members, certification candidates and others to connect, collaborate and share knowledge and best practices related to the topics of cyber, information, https://community.isc2.org/​ software and infrastructure security. This encompasses discussions around new technologies, best practices, new regulations, professional development, the challenges and opportunities facing the cybersecurity workforce, ways to make the most of your (ISC)² certification and membership, and much more.

Last night we held our Annual Chapter meeting. I need to apologize for not getting the virtual meeting link out to everyone. We use Eventbrite, which has worked wonderfully in the past, and we included the virtual conference information in the confirmation email. However, that same detail did not make it to many of our social media platforms. I goofed and am genuinely sorry that some members could not attend.

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Half of our board decided to step down at the start of the year, and the new board started just as the pandemic hit. We had a tough time figuring out how the Chapter should run while also dealing with everything the pandemic through at all of us. The board also had its share of personal trials with again half of us changing jobs during the year, hospitalizations of family members, and COVID isolation/quarantine slowing our efforts.


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