2021 - A Bright Future Ahead

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Half of our board decided to step down at the start of the year, and the new board started just as the pandemic hit. We had a tough time figuring out how the Chapter should run while also dealing with everything the pandemic through at all of us. The board also had its share of personal trials with again half of us changing jobs during the year, hospitalizations of family members, and COVID isolation/quarantine slowing our efforts.

The change in normal operations was good for the Chapter. We gained time to review past accomplishments, discuss what was working, and debate what needed to be changed. Only then did we get a clear vision of what the Chapter could achieve in the years to come. We found the Chapter was in a revocation status with the IRS. Considerable time was spent renewing our registration with the State of Colorado and preparing to continue the Chapter as a non-profit. We also took this chance to restructure our status to better align with the Chapter's educational and community service goals.

Although we will stay virtual for the foreseeable future, we need to make sure that we rotate the meeting locations when we can meet again. The value of the interaction amongst the membership is the backbone of our Chapter, and we realized we were excluding potential members. You will notice the membership page now includes students seeking undergraduate degrees, associate members who are not certified yet, and corporate members giving a formalized status for our sponsors.

The website looks a bit tired, and we are working on overhauling the entire site to serve the membership better. A first step was updating the content and ensuring everyone knew of the free resources available to (ISC)2 members to gain CPEs at your own pace remotely. Check out the "resource" tab today, and keep an eye out for more changes in the coming months.

I also realize that for everything we did, there was so much we did not do. Ultimately I take responsibility for not communicating more about the efforts we were undertaking. I have a vision where the (ISC)2 Denver Chapter becomes a valuable organization for every Infosecurity professional to share ideas and be a respite against the security challenges we face every day. There is so much more I would like to share with you, and the best way is to attend our upcoming meeting in January. The invitation will go out shortly, so be on the lookout.

Jim Raine