Annual Meeting recap

Last night we held our Annual Chapter meeting. I need to apologize for not getting the virtual meeting link out to everyone. We use Eventbrite, which has worked wonderfully in the past, and we included the virtual conference information in the confirmation email. However, that same detail did not make it to many of our social media platforms. I goofed and am genuinely sorry that some members could not attend.

Communication issues aside, we had an excellent meeting. 2020 permitted us to reevaluate many aspects of how the Chapter operates. We found the need to reestablish and restructure the Chapter's underlying foundation through a lengthy due diligence effort. The Chapter is now a Nonprofit Corporation registered with the State of Colorado, and we made the necessary changes to complete our Federal filing as a 501(c)(3) this month.

During the meeting, we discussed the overload of security meetings centered around slides and a single presenter. Most security groups appear to repeat the same format based on providing food, drink, and a topic of the day, reducing individual groups' unique value. As an (ISC)² Chapter, we have the unique ability to provide an educational path based on the commitment (ISC)² makes to help members learn, grow and thrive.
We discussed different initiatives to build upon crucial concepts like ongoing education and teaching security concepts to the community. Ideas like small group discussions following short educational topics, meetings in the community, speakers from different geographic locales now possible under virtual meeting formats, and breakout meetings focused on the (ISC)² CBK®.

In 2021 we are reaffirming our mission to provide an open forum to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, develop leadership and professional skills, and advance information systems security.

Jim Raine