General Requirements:
Sponsors of (ISC)2 Denver Chapter must agree to and comply with the following conditions. All sponsorships are subject to the (ISC)2 Denver Chapter Board of Directors approval. This program only applies to the (ISC)2 Denver Chapter and provides no benefits at (ISC)2 or any other (ISC)2 regional chapter.

  • All sponsors must align with the (ISC)2 Denver Chapter mission and should focus on improving the professional knowledge of information security practitioners.
  • (ISC)2 Denver Chapter actively enforces a non-aggressive marketing policy. (ISC)2 Denver Chapter members attend (ISC)2 Denver Chapter events regularly for education, information, and professional networking, not to be subjected to aggressive marketing tactics.
  • "Negative campaigning" against competitors is not permitted. We aim to foster a professional atmosphere among members and interested parties with the intention of enhancing member recruitment and retention.

Chapter Sponsorship Levels
Note: All benefits afforded the sponsor are for a one year term. Due to confidentiality requirements, member information cannot be shared directly with any sponsor.

Sponsor Benefits Summary Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Sponsor will be listed on the (ISC)2 Denver Chapter website (listing priority based on sponsorship level). Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsor will be recognized at monthly membership meetings via a continuous loop introduction slide show (listing is priority based on sponsorship level). Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsor will have (ISC)2 Denver Chapter Corporate membership status. Membership status is not to be shared or changed during the sponsorship period except due to hardship and is subject to approval One member Two members Three members Four members
Sponsor will have the opportunity to man a table, solicit attendee contacts, distribute marketing materials, conduct raffles, etc. Once per year Two times per year Three times per year Four times per year
Sponsor will have the opportunity to host/co-host an event by providing a speaker on a relevant industry topic (subject to approval) No Yes Yes Yes
New sponsorship announcements will be mentioned on (ISC)2 Denver Chapter member emails. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsor may invite guests (clients, Sponsor personnel, or others) to (ISC)2 Denver Chapter membership meetings. No One per meeting Two per meeting Three per meeting
Sponsor will have a link to their jobs/career section on the (ISC)2 Denver Chapter website. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsor will have the opportunity to have one offer/promotion/co-hosting event notification sent on their behalf to the (ISC)2 Denver Chapter membership list. No No Yes Yes
Annual Sponsorship Cost $500 $750 $1,000 $2,000